High Achievement New York

HANY came to us looking to produce a set of videos to highlight the positive impact that common core has been having in the Newburgh Enlarged City School district.

We produced three videos of different lengths showing how these students are able to thrive in math courses usually seen in college classrooms


Wall of Death

There are some unique people in this world, and we got to talk to world record holder Pit Lengner, the designer and rider of the world's smallest motorcycle. Pit talks about his time traveling with a carnival around Europe, his heroes and his motivations for breaking world records.



Sometimes we team up with advertising agency's to fulfill a specific role they have a need for. In the instance of this BMW USA video, they needed our post production expertise to help shape the narrative of their X3 Winners Weekend event that took place in South Carolina.

Broken Xmas

Our in-house Director Oscar Rivas had a unique vision for his first short film, one in which he wanted to use as a highlight of all the skills he had acquired through his filmmaking career.

This film was Produced, Directed, Edited, Color Corrected by Oscar Rivas, as well as creating some great visual effects shots.